Clay and Glass collection

Video in progress.

In this collection (that can be translated in English by ‘clay and glass’), the enamel fades from the surface of the clay, replaced by a real piece of glass, found or collected. Exposed, the clay expresses its multiple shades; the glass reveals its transparency and its finesse, no longer dependant on the clay.

With this collection, I am fighting against excessive consumption. By using an element already existing, a manufacturing stage is eliminated and the need for new material is reduced. The particular shape of the glass inspires me to find the clay extension that will complete it. The glass piece with specific dimensions will be renewed, thanks to the addition of a custom-made part. The turning, artisanal ceramic technique, gives it a meaning, a second life with unique personality.

The glass and ceramic parts are assembled by glue; depending on their type, they can also remain removable for easy handling or cleaning.

Created in an eco-responsible approach, enhancing the obsolete, mismatched or useless object is linked to an artisanal design concept.


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