Emmanuelle’s Studio

In my ceramic workshop in Igny (Essonne)near Paris, I conceive design and contemporary, unique creations for yourself or as a gift.

The name By Manet could be inspired by the famous painter, father of Impressionism, but it is first and foremost inspired by my own nickname. According to the family legend, it is my little brother that babbled this affectionate diminutive. As time went by, it became a part of me…

In a lush garden, I imagined and built, with the help of my family and friends, a responsible workshop. In order for this creative space to be consistent with the values I stand for, I used a wooden framework. I also installed a tap directly connected to a rainwater reserve – commitment to an ecological approach is no longer an option, it is an emergency! My way of working and consuming takes into account this eco-friendly awareness.

I succeeded in making my dream come true thanks to a crowdfunding campaign with KissKissBankBank, which financed my kiln.

I became an auto-entrepreneur when I created my own By Manet Studio in 2017


I have been passionate about the artistic field since my youngest age, and I express the finesse of my sensitivity in several disciplines. At l’Ecole Steiner in Verrières-le-Buisson, I discovered and practiced violin, drawing, embroidery, knitting and woodcarving. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Science and Technology (STI) with a major in Applied Arts, I was admitted to the prestigious Ecole Boulle and I joined the section ‘gravure en modelé’. For three years, I enjoyed learning how to work with various materials, such as metal, Plexiglas and wax. In addition, I learned how to model, mould, engrave or emboss to create medal matrices, embossing moulds, hallmarks or jewellery.

This instructive training allowed me to acquire a sense of volume and real technical skills, enriched by a great meticulousness.

Once I got my Diplôme des Métiers d’Art, I had a job interview in a workshop in Limoges: there, I had a real crush for ceramic, which allowed me to express all my creativity.

To tame this material, I studied for a year in l’École supérieure d’art des Pyrénées de Tarbes. Then, I joined the ceramic class of l’École La Cambre in Bruxelles for a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Visual Art, with a major in ceramic. I took the opportunity of an Erasmus exchange to spend six months in Venice, to immerse myself in its lights and to learn more about its creators (Mariano Fortuny). Passionate about handicraft and know-how, I chose to create around the brand By Manet.

If you live in Igny or you are passing through Paris, Palaiseau, Massy, Verrières-le-Buisson or Versailles, you are welcome to discover my unique creations, that combine sensitivity and aestheticism.


For more information about my workshop By Manet, please contact me.


18, rue du Moulin
91430 Igny

Phone :

Email : bymanet@free.fr