‘The light source will never be visible to produce deep, slightly veiled reflections.’ Junichirô  Tanizaki, in Praise of Shadows.

With my luminaires, I try to create a soft and intimate light, by indirect lighting.

My main source of inspiration lies in the luminous atmosphere of Venice and one of its leading designers, Mariano Fortuny, whose universe never ceases to inspire me.

” Fluide ” Lamp

For this lamp, the technic led to the mushroom shape, which emerged once the technical problems were solved. My initial intention was to create a frieze of drops around the edges of the lampshade. Its centre is retracted inside to create the support. The base is thinner at the top for a minimal visual interference with the frieze of drops, and flares at the bottom for stability. The lampshade and the lamp base are two separate parts, easy to move. The refined shape and the raw stoneware magnify and catch the eye, directing it to the light and the random frieze formed by the translucent enamel. The contrast of materials is delicate – between the raw and dark clay and the delicacy of the translucent glass drops. 



” Alune ” Lamp

It is available in three different types : to lay on furniture, to hang on a wall or to suspend from the ceiling. It is a thin, round disc whose aspect changes depending from where you are looking at it. Fired when flat, the enamel is opposed to the direction of gravity if it is placed on the edge, and seems to keep on melting if it is hung. The enamel’s translucency is revealed once lit. 

“Lustre ” Chandelier

‘Nothing is hidden under the sun.’ Leonardo da Vinci

This chandelier is inspired by the large historical ones you can see in Versailles, but only when admired from below. This flattened visual effect merges with the orbs phenomenon. This mixture of inspirations has led to this circular and flat chandelier, with holes from which flows ‘glassenamel’ (or ‘verrémail’ in French).

Orbs: result of an optical phenomenon, in which the rays of the flash reflect on a particle, such as dust, pollen grain or droplets, which passes in front of the lens of a camera.

‘‘ Cremoso ’’ Floor Lamp or Suspension Lamp

In this lampshade shaping like a bell, enamel fills the holes of the vertical surface. The light colour of enamel and stoneware creates a homogeneous whole in daylight. Once lit, its particularity is revealed through the enamel’s translucency, the colours change, the light stoneware is darkened by a back-light and the enamel lights up.

Unique pieces on request

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